Who Are You Blaming?

Do you ever find yourself blaming other factors, like your environment or your job, for the way certain aspects of your life have turned out? Like your health for example. Do you not have enough time to exercise or the right equipment?  Is your diet poor because there are no good food options when you are on the road?

The questions above come from a reactionary way of thinking.  It places the responsibility for your health, fitness and life in someone else’s hands.  This line of thinking always looks for something to blame.  It holds you back from change because there’s always some external force keeping you from achieving your goals.  It gives you an excuse to fall back on when things don’t go as planned. 

In contrast, a proactive way of thinking looks at the areas you can control.  It helps you take responsibility for your actions and the outcomes associated with those actions.  It helps you take action and lead the charge.  We know that your outcomes aren’t tied to anyone else or random circumstances. 

Life is a constant series of events that you can’t predict.  How you respond to those events, and how you prepare for those challenges, is what you can control. Over the course of this program, we want to help you shape your way of thinking to be more proactive.  We want you to assess what areas in your life you can control.   How can you make time?  What activities do you currently engage in that waste your time, and don’t make you better?  Would you be better off to take a 15 min walk instead of watching another YouTube video? How can you alter your routine to eat a little healthier? We want you to go on the attack.  

As you make positive changes in your life, get more fit and improve your nutrition it will give you momentum.  You will be seeking out ways to get in a few more minutes of exercise and some of those food temptations are going to start being easier to say no to.  When you take charge and control the areas that you are capable of, you turn into a powerful force.

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What Truck Drivers Are Saying About The Trucking Fitness Company!

"I’ve been driving for 7 years. And during that time, I saw my health starting to go down the wrong path. I gained 40lbs. I was feeling like I had no energy to get through my day. And like a lot of truckers, I was battling diabetes. I saw where I was headed and knew that I needed to make a change. So I decided to join The Trucking Fitness Company. They have gotten me and several of my club members out of the truck or into the bunk to exercise. My energy levels are through the roof. And I’ve lost 6lbs in the first 3 weeks. Everyday I look forward to doing something. I may not always be able to get the whole workout in, but that’s okay because I come back the next day ready to do what I can. The program is worth every dollar. The workouts are designed for anyone. And it’s not one of these 90 day challenges that’s trying to make you look like Captain America. It’s a program designed for truck drivers. Every day you get a workout from them and some encouraging words. And I’ll tell you what, it’s made a difference. You’re going to feel better. You’re going to be more energetic. And you’re just going to overall want to do more and more as you go along with this program. If you’re reading this and thinking I’m trying to sell you something, you’re probably right. I’m trying to sell you a few more years on your life. I took this program and I’ve seen the influence it can make. So, do yourself a favor and check this program out! It’ll make an impact in everything you do."
Ron Butler
Truck Driver & Founder of Red Neck Diesel Club