lifestyle changes for truck drivers

Lesson 1

We understand that everyone has different preferences for learning. Each day we will have three options for delivery of the lesson to choose from. Below you can watch a video of the lesson, listen to the audio version, or read the information below. It doesn’t matter which option you prefer. Pick one and get started!

Eat More High Quality Protein!

Take a look at this chart. It’s broken down into three different categories: “Eat More”; “Eat Some”; “Eat less”. This week, we want you to try to eat a majority of your protein for each meal from the “Eat More” category (70% of the time). Then eat from the “Eat Some” for a couple of the meals (20% of the time). Finally, you can eat the “Eat Less” category for a couple of meals this week (10% of the time).

For each meal, use this measurement method to make sure you’re getting enough protein in! Try to eat 1-2 palms full of protein at each meal!


quality protein sources

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