trucker path partnership with the trucking fitness company

Trucker Path and The Trucking Fitness Company Partner To Help Truck Drivers Fight Back

As a professional driver, you help keep America running.

You drive hard and sacrifice so much of your time away from your family and friends. But like a lot of drivers, your health has taken a hit, too.

You might have gained 30lbs, feel less energized, and are scared about your next DOT Physical. Your doctor is telling you you’re pre-diabetic or that you need to watch your blood pressure.

Something has to change, but you just don’t know how or where to start while on the road.

And that’s where The Trucking Fitness Company partnering with Trucker Path is here to help. 

We help truck drivers exercise and eat healthier on the road so they get confidence back in their health and retire on their own terms.

Trucker Path believes in The Trucking Fitness Company’s mission and wants to do everything they can to help you live the healthier lifestyle you deserve.

Kyle Merkley, product manager at Trucker Path says, “Too often individuals place their financial realities as their number one priority. But by sacrificing their health they unintentionally add a greater financial burden due to loss of work hours, unproductive dead time, and greater health concerns in the future. Simply taking an extra 30 minute break on the road for a quick workout and replacing one traditional meal stop with a healthier option will help break down the negative aspects so many drivers face in the freight industry today. I believe in The Trucking Fitness Company’s goal and hope they help change people’s lives.”

At The Trucking Fitness Company, we intend to do just that. Change lives one driver at a time and so for all registered Trucker Path drivers, we are offering 25% off our exercise and nutrition program built specifically for truckers!

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“It’s been great working with Trucker Path and seeing how dedicated they are to helping drivers live a better life in and out of the truck.  Every conversation that I’ve had with their team, they have had a driver first mentality and that’s why I knew this would be a great partnership,” said Mark Manera, The Trucking Fitness Company CEO. 

If you’re a trucking company or an industry specific company like Trucker Path and would like to get involved or partner with The Trucking Fitness Company, click below. 

About The Trucking Fitness Company

The Trucking Fitness Company is an app based platform that helps trucking companies develop healthier and happier drivers behind the wheel for zero cost to their bottom line.  With The Trucking Fitness Company, our customers are offering industry leading wellness programs to their drivers — and you can too.  Join The Trucking Fitness Company network where you can differentiate your company from competitors, show your drivers you care about their health, and save money from decreased work comp claims and health insurance premiums.