The Trucking Fitness Company:

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Statistics on drivers' health that is killing your bottom line

Workers' Compensation

  • 2nd highest number of private industry occupational injuries in the U.S. (5)
  • Average time lost per claim for truck drivers is 3.4 weeks (6)
  • With every claim, your company loses around $10,000-$17,000 worth of revenue, not including medical cost and wage reimbursement (5,6,7)


  • 48% of truck drivers are obese (2)
  • Obese drivers spend $1500/year more on health care —~41% more than drivers of average weight (8)
  • For every 100 drivers, you’re spending an extra $72,000 per year on health care cost strictly due to their weight (2,8)
  • Obese drivers file 2x as many claims as those who are not obese and miss 13 more days of work per year due to injuries (9)
  • Obese drivers’ medical claims cost 7x more expensive than those who are not obese (9)
  • Obesity is associated with sleep problems such as obstructive sleep apnea that roughly 2x driver’s crash risk (10)


  • 1 in 7 truck drivers have type 2 diabetes (3)
  • Drivers with diagnosed diabetes spend 2.3x more on medical expenses per year than those who are not diabetic (11)
  • Average medical expenditures of drivers with diabetes is $16,500/year, of which about $9,600 is attributed to diabetes (11) 
  • For every 100 drivers, you’re spending an extra $134,000/year on medical expenses because of diabetes (3,11)

Driver Turnover

  • Average turnover cost per driver ≈ $8,000 (12)
    • Advertising, staff wages, recruitment/orientation costs, training, etc
  • In 2018, ATA estimated the driver shortage to be 60,800 drivers and by 2028 will be over 160,000 truck drivers (13)
  • Engaged drivers = less turnover & better company culture

Healthcare Services

  • For every 100 drivers, your company will have ~35-45 Emergency Department (ED) visits per year (14)
  • Average cost per ED visit = $1,389 (15) 
  • 13% of ED visits result in hospital admission (14)
  • Average cost per hospital stay = $15,734 (16) 
  • Wellness programs can decrease hospital admissions by 30% (17)
  • 30% of ED visits among drivers with common chronic conditions are preventable (18)

Your company is leaving money on the table because of your driver's health.

The Trucking Fitness Company helps truck drivers exercise consistently while on the road so they stay behind the wheel longer and create more value for their company.


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