It's How Trucking Companies Create Healthy Fleets.

Through Keller Logistics’ Carrier Reward Program, trucking companies can develop happier and healthier drivers for ZERO cost to their bottom line. Want to learn more?

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Drivers' Health Is Killing Your Bottom Line

The more unhealthy your drivers are, the more of a risk they are behind the wheel.  Here are a couple of scary statistics that affect your drivers every single day:

And here's how those statistics are taking a toll on your bottom line....

  1. Increased number of work comp claims and the cost per claim
  2. Increased health insurance premiums
  3. Less energized, focused, and engaged drivers
  4. Increased driver fatigue
  5. Decreased safety of drivers
  6. Poor company culture
  7. Less retention of experienced drivers
  8. Increased cost of training new drivers
  9. Decreased productivity of tasks drivers need to complete at high levels each shift
  10. Decreased ability to handle physical and mental stress throughout the day
  11. Decreased customer retention through driver’s attitude
We're here to help your company combat these profit killing driver health problems

How do we do that?

By offering your drivers a wellness program that they can actually use.
There’s a reason wellness initiatives such as free gym memberships and 30 day step challenges don't get drivers jumping out of their seats excited to participate... It’s because it doesn’t fit into their lifestyle.
Life on the road is so much different than the average lifestyle. So, their health and wellness programs should be, too.
At The Trucking Fitness Company, we understand the lifestyle of a truck driver and our programs are specifically built with that purpose in mind.


One low price for all current and future programs.

easy workouts for truck drivers
at home workouts for truck drivers

Membership Features

Your drivers get everything for an exclusive discounted price.

Daily workouts tailored specifically for their current fitness level that can be done in or just outside of their truck or at home.

Their workouts are personally monitored by coaches in the Physical Therapy field and they will have 24/7 access to message them with any questions they have.

Daily messages to motivate, educate, and keep them accountable while on the road.

exercise accountability for truck drivers

Habit based nutrition coaching that includes restaurant guides and a manual to building a healthy meal at a truck stop.

Access to The Trucking Fitness Company Community, a group of like minded truck drivers who don’t let trucking define their health.

online community for truck drivers

Your drivers can connect their Apple Watch, Fitbit, or Withings wearable to our app to track:

- Steps
- Sleep
- Resting Heart Rate
- Caloric Burn
- Body Weight

apple watch connection for truck drivers
sleep tracker for truck drivers

Want to give your drivers access to our program for $0 to your company's bottom line?


We get it, you probably haven't seen a program like this before. So, we want to answer any questions you have.

Have more questions? No problem, email us at

Meet TFC's Founder

Mark Manera, SPT, PN1

Mark Manera, the founder of The Trucking Fitness Company, got inspired to make a change in the trucking industry while rehabbing  truck drivers in a physical therapy clinic.  He saw first hand what a lifetime of trucking can do to your back, knees, neck and shoulders.

He also understands the toll that high stress, high blood pressure, obesity, lack of sleep and diabetes can have on your body.

Frequently, truck drivers are told by their doctors that “You need to lose weight”, “You need to get more exercise”, “You need to lower your blood pressure”, or “You need to control your diabetes”.  However, they are never told how to do these things in a manner that is realistic to their lifestyle.

So, he decided it was time to change that.

Mark started The Trucking Fitness Company and built a health and wellness program designed specifically for truck drivers with a mission to change the culture of drivers’ health in the trucking industry.

trucking company wellness and health fitness program

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