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How It Works

workouts for truck drivers

We believe being healthy doesn't have to be an all day event.

Truck driving is a hard lifestyle and we get that. That’s why we created the most convenient and effective exercise program for truckers. Our workouts are 20-30 minutes long and designed to be done inside or just outside of your truck.

How do you access your workouts?

Once you sign up, you will download our app and all of the workouts will be directly delivered to your phone via that app each day. The app has video and written instruction for each exercise to make sure everything is crystal clear!

truck driver going to workout

Do I have to do the workouts every day?

We all have days where we are busy or just not feeling it, we get that! Our program sends you a workout 7 days a week. We want you to try to exercise every day of the week, but our suggestion is to pick a schedule that you know you can be consistent with and roll with that!

We take a 3 tiered approach to our program:

      1. Find a easy entry point into daily/consistent exercise
      2. Work on small, but key nutritional tasks that focus on longevity over a fad diet
      3. Develop positive lifestyle habits that push the needle forward every day
exercise program for truck drivers


Workouts are sent directly to your phone, 7 days a week! All you have to do is show up!


No one likes wasting time. All of our workouts are 20-30 minutes long, so you can fit them into in your busy schedule!


There's no reason to make it more difficult then it has to be! Our workouts are easy to understand and get the job done!