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frequently asked questions about the trucking fitness company

Why The Trucking Fitness Company?

No other company in the trucking industry is doing what we’re doing.

We have created a exercise/health & wellness program that is built 100% for truck drivers and the life they live on the road.

We help trucking companies offer this program to their drivers for zero cost to their bottom line.

Are you ready to take your next step? Book a call today!

What program options do you offer?

We have 4 program options:

  1. Beginner
  2. In The Truck
  3. Out Of The Truck
  4. At Home

Beginner – Everyone has a starting point and for a lot of drivers who have never exercised in their life or have taken a little bit of a break, this is the program for them! It’s built to be done anywhere and for any level of driver. 

In The Truck – We understand it can be tough to get outside of the truck to workout at times. It might be too cold or too hot, or you just don’t feel comfortable working out in front of other drivers at the truck stop. That’s why this program is perfect for you – all exercises can be done in the comfort of your bunk!

Out Of The Truck – You feel stuck inside the truck all day and want to get some fresh air, this is your program! Since it’s out of the truck, this program has more variety of exercises and is more advanced than the other programs. 

At Home – Being on home time or a local driver doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make your health a priority. This program is built to be done in your living room or anywhere you have time to workout at!

With every program, drivers also get an Exercise of the Day, which will give them a way to get some blood flowing and movement throughout the day in less than 5 minutes!

What equipment is needed for the programs?

Every member who signs up gets a free resistance band sent to their house or company terminal. That’s all the equipment you will need!

They don’t have to worry about finding a gym or buying a ton of specific equipment, we’ll give them everything they need.

Also, the first couple of months have body weight only options so that they don’t have to wait for their band to get to them before starting to workout!

What is the length of each TFC workout session?

We understand that time is a limited resource on the road, so we created this program to fit into your current routine without having to have a 180 degree lifestyle change.

All of the daily workouts range from 20-30 minutes long, with the Exercise of the Day workout option taking less than 5 minutes!

Since with our program you will be able to workout anytime at any place, you can fit your workout in before you start driving that day, during your break, when you’re waiting to be loaded, or even after you get done for the day!

How does your program cost $0 to our company's bottom line?

We charge trucking companies ZERO dollars ($0) to partner with us.

With this partnership, we offer our program to your drivers as a payroll deduction benefit for a discounted price.

We wanted to create the ultimate win-win situation for trucking companies and we think we did that by allowing you to offer our program with no upfront or hidden fees, while still getting the benefit of having healthier and happier drivers!

What forms of payment do you take?

We sent 1 invoice directly to your company based on the number of drivers in our program.

We accept credit card and bank transfer. 

Can one of our drivers sign up for just one month?

Yes. A driver can sign up for one month and cancel, or they may find that they benefit so much from the training that they want to stay on for a number of months.

What is your cancellation policy?

They may cancel at any time. Regardless of when they cancel, they will still receive service for the entire month that they paid for.

Drivers can either email the main contact of our program at their company or email us at mark@thetruckingfitness.com.

One of my drivers has a medical condition. Is this program a good fit for them?

We are not medical professionals and may not give advice regarding medical conditions.  

We specialize in helping truck drivers exercise and live a healthier life on the road.  The TFC program improves strength and conditioning of anyone who participates. If their doctor recommends that they find an exercise program, then we can help!

If they are concerned about starting to exercise, they should consult their physician or other health care professional before starting our program or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for their needs. Do not join The Trucking Fitness Company if your physician or health care provider advises against it.

My driver has a DOT physical coming up soon. At what point should they start this program to pass it?

We recommend starting today.

Having motivation to exercise and eat healthier because of a DOT Physical coming up is great, but we want them to make a lifestyle change! We look at fitness as a lifelong relationship and if they want to come out of trucking and enjoy their retirement or not be forced to stop driving because of their health, they can’t just start this because of a DOT Physical in 3 months, they have to make it a part of their daily routine year around!

Can you give me an idea of what your service consists of? Is it just a list of exercises?

For less than $0.50 / day, your drivers will get daily workouts tailored specifically for their current fitness level that can be done in or just outside of their truck, or even at home.

  • Workouts delivered to their phone through our app based platform.
  • No gym or special equipment required. We will send them a free resistance band to use.
  • Their workouts are personally monitored by coaches in the Physical Therapy field and they will have 24/7 access to messaging them with any questions they have.
  • Habit based nutrition coaching that includes restaurant guides and a manual to building a healthy meal at a truck stop.
  • Daily messages to motivate, educate, and keep them accountable while on the road.
  • Access to the TFC Community, a group of like minded truck drivers who don’t let trucking define their health.


The programs are very clearly laid out and are delivered via the app.  All the exercises are shown on their calendar and they are guided through them daily by their Coach.  They do the exercises for that day, and they can ask their coach any questions if they need help.  They have regular back and forth communication with their Coach.

Once they sign up, they will receive an invitation to download the TruckFit Online app so that the program of their choice can be assigned and they can get started on your workouts.

We have local driver, can they do this program?

Yes! We would recommend our At Home program that is designed specifically for local drivers. Or if they are going to have time throughout their day while on the road to get their workout in, pick between the Beginner, In The Truck, or Out Of The Truck options!

Have more questions? No problem, email us at mark@thetruckingfitness.com