Our Why

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Our Story

Mark Manera, the founder of The Trucking Fitness Company, got inspired to make a change in the trucking industry while working with truck drivers in a physical therapy clinic.  While working in the physical therapy field, he has seen what a lifetime of truck driving can do to your back, knees, neck and your shoulders.

He also understands the toll that high stress, high blood pressure, obesity, lack of sleep and diabetes can take on your body.

Frequently our truck drivers are told by their doctors that “You need to lose weight”, “You need to get more exercise”, or “You need to lower your blood pressure or control your diabetes”.  However, they are never told how to do these things in a manner that is realistic for a truck driver’s schedule or lifestyle.

He decided it was time to change that. So, Mark started The Trucking Fitness Company and built an exercise program/service designed specifically for truck drivers with a mission to change the culture of health and wellness in the trucking industry.


Why we are different

This service was made for one reason: To give truck drivers an easy entry point into exercising consistently.

There are a lot of different exercise programs out there, but there are none built by physical therapists, made for truck drivers.

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Workouts are sent directly to your phone, 5 days a week! All you have to do is show up!


No one likes wasting time. All of our workouts are 20-30 minutes long, so you can fit them into in your busy schedule!


There's no reason to make it more difficult then it has to be! Our workouts are easy to understand and get the job done!


trucking fitness coach

Mark Manera

Physical Therapy Student and Coach