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The Trucking Fitness Company:

Helping Trucking Companies Enable Their Drivers To Take Control Of Their Health.

Imagine having a wellness program that your drivers actually use...
Seems impossible right?

There’s a reason wellness initiatives such as free gym memberships, 30 day step challenges, and info pamphlets on eating healthy haven’t worked for your drivers.  It’s because it doesn’t work for their lifestyle.

Life on the road is so much different than any other.  So, their health and wellness programs should be, too.

At The Trucking Fitness Company, we understand the lifestyle of a truck driver and our programs are specifically built with that purpose in mind.

We Specialize In 3 Areas:

1. Getting your drivers healthier.

2. Empowering your drivers to actually use a wellness program.

3. Saving your company money.

Your Driver's Health Is Killing Your Bottom Line.

The more unhealthy your drivers are, the more of a risk they are behind the wheel.  Here are a couple of scary statistics that affect your truck drivers every day:

The Factors That Are Killing Your Bottom Line.

  1. Increased number of work comp claims and the cost per claim
  2. Increased health insurance premiums
  3. Less energized, focused, and engaged drivers
  4. Increased driver fatigue
  5. Decreased safety of drivers
  6. Poor company culture
  7. Less retention of experienced drivers
  8. Increased cost of training new drivers
  9. Decreased productivity of tasks drivers need to complete at high levels each shift
  10. Decreased ability to handle physical and mental stress throughout the day
  11. Decreased customer retention through driver’s attitude

Stop wasting your time on a wellness program your drivers won't use.

Let's dive a little bit deeper into some of these factors:

Workers' Compensation


  • 48% of truck drivers are obese
  • Obese drivers spend $1500/year more on health care —~41% more than drivers of average weight
  • For every 100 drivers, you’re spending an extra $72,000 per year on health care cost strictly due to their weight
  • Obese drivers file 2x as many claims as those who are not obese and miss 13 more days of work per year due to injuries
  • ™Obese drivers’ medical claims cost 7x more expensive than those who are not obese
  • Obesity is associated with sleep problems such as obstructive sleep apnea that roughly 2x driver’s crash risk


  • 1 in 7 truck drivers have type 2 diabetes
  • Drivers with diagnosed diabetes spend 2.3x more on medical expenses per year than those who are not diabetic
  • Average medical expenditures of drivers with diabetes is $16,500/year, of which about $9,600 is attributed to diabetes
  • For every 100 drivers, you’re spending an extra $134,000/year on medical expenses because of diabetes

Driver Turnover

  • Average turnover cost per driver ≈ $8,000
    • Advertising, staff wages, recruitment/orientation costs, training, etc
  • In 2018, ATA estimated the driver shortage to be 60,800 drivers and by 2028 will be over 160,000 truck drivers
  • Engaged drivers = less turnover & better company culture

Healthcare Services

Your company is leaving money on the table because of your driver's health.

The Trucking Fitness Company helps truck drivers exercise consistently while on the road so they stay behind the wheel longer and create more value for their company.


Daily workouts designed to be done in or just outside of their truck. Sent to each driver through an easy to use app on their phone.


All of our workouts are 20-30 minutes long, so your drivers can fit them into their busy schedule any day of the week.


There's no reason to make it more difficult than it has to be! Our workouts are easy to understand and personalized to each driver's fitness level.

What Truck Drivers Are Saying!

"Over the last couple of years of driving, I’ve put on some weight. I’ve tried different programs and workouts, but nothing stuck. I knew I needed to do something, but I just didn’t know where to start. Once I found The Trucking Fitness Company, I knew this was different then the other programs I’ve tried. Since starting, I have lost 20lbs. The workouts are great. I live in Texas, so sometimes it’s too hot to get out and exercise. But now, I don’t even have to get out of the truck, because the inside the truck workouts are easy to do in my bunk. I feel like I’ve regained control of my life and I’m really excited to work towards my next goal"
Israel Pardo
Truck Driver

Our Program:

We understand there are a lot of barriers stopping your drivers from exercising and living a healthy life on the road. That’s why we designed our program the way we did.  And we take pride in being the best health and wellness solution out there for truck drivers.

We are making it possible for truck drivers to exercise and live a healthy life while on the road. We do that through an easy to use app on each driver’s phone that gives them:

  • Daily TruckFit workouts designed to be done in or just outside of their truck. Each workout is 20-30 minutes long and doesn’t require them to purchase any extra equipment or gym memberships.
    • A resistance band, which is all the equipment they’ll need.
  • Daily 5 minute Truck Stop workouts to help them move throughout the day or get some exercise on those days that they might not have time for the full workout.
  • Video and written instruction on exactly what to do and how to do it.
  • Nutritional guidance for them to eat healthy while on the road including restaurant guides and a manual for how to eat healthy at a truck stop.
  • Accountability in the form of daily messages, 24/7 access to messaging a coach, and accountability groups with drivers in your company to help build culture and community.
  • Weekly mental health, mindset, and lifestyle education on different topics specific to truck driving and life on the road.
workouts for truck drivers

Stop wasting your time on a wellness program your drivers won't use.

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