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Change your life by changing your nutritional intake! If you are ready to make a positive lifestyle commitment to health eating, I am the first & last person you need to assist in accomplishing your goals...My greatest payment comes from others achieving positive results. TruckinFit will motivate & provide professional advice to those who are willing to make the proper changes in order to lead a better & healthier life. Keep in mind, through my TruckinFit program I will be sharing what has worked for me as a truck driver & may work for other drivers & non-drivers...they are only tips & recommendations NOT a precise nutritional & training program.

I, Richie Acosta, have been training & into fitness for 30 years...I have
 also been a professional truck driver for 23 years...I am a certified
trainer & also maintain a minor degree in nutrition...I have competed in
 bodybuilding for 17 years & have placed well in all shows...Many claim I take
trucking to an extreme as far as 'custom' goes & take fitness to the same
extreme...I strongly believe that health & fitness can be applied to a trucker's
lifestyle, whether it be a local or road driver...I am not expecting
truckers to become bodybuilders, but would like to guide them to a more healthy
life behind the wheel...My goal is provide a program & system that will be
very simple for any type of trucker to follow, but which will generate great
results...Being fit behind the wheel will make you feel better but most
important will tremendously increase energy & focus levels for drivers! I
have been trucking & training for many years, & have found many ways to make
them work together...I would like to share many of my secrets with today's
truckers & guide them in the right direction to 'TruckinFit'!
First of all, I would like to market a take-a-long kit for truckers, which
will include a hand guide, dvd, charts & some basic portable training
equipment...The hand guide will explain the eating techniques I want to relate
to truckers & how you can eat 'anywhere' as long as you make the proper
choices...I will also go into an extensive diet program, including a guide to
reading product labels, etc...The dvd will feature a step by step training
program which can be done on the road with the included equipment in the
kit...charts will also be included with training images with proper form...
My main goal is to push for small training facilities at all major truck
stops in the country...These mini-gyms will 'NOT' be just another weight
room at hotel but will be a circuit training facility, which truckers can
utilize to follow my precise program...this will be a circuit training program,
including a weight training & cardio combination which will target the
entire body in one session...the facility will feature charts with correct
training form & also either a dvd player or certified trainer to guide the
person through the entire session...I will incorporate TruckinFit diet meals in
the truck stop restaurant menu selections...
I would also like to make available the TruckinFit line of products
available at all truck stops or for mail order...these will include pre-made
microwaveable meals, supplements, protein bars, protein shakes, etc all from
TruckinFit with the correct amount of nutrients...


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